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Top student with amazing academic achievements earns less than RM3,000 despite being 4 years in the workforce

Social NewsTop student with amazing academic achievements earns less than RM3,000 despite being...

Despite being a top student who gets straight A’s in school and graduates with a Master’s degree, this user is still earning less than RM3,000 after being in the workforce for more than 4 years.

Taking it to social media, Twitter user @urjoblessfan ranted about his career progress and his disappointment in his working life. “Sorry, I’m not showing off here but talking about the reality. I scored straight A’s in SPM, scored 14 in A-level, and graduated master’s degree with 2nd class upper from UK uni. Got full scholarship.”

“It’s my fourth year of work now but my salary is still below RM3k. There’s no need to talk about depression and anxiety,” he said.

In a follow-up tweet, he said that although SPM is important, it is even more important to have powerful connections when it comes to working world.

“Just a few days ago, I happened to find out that an intern in my office got a higher pay than me.”

“Intern. Doesn’t even have his degree yet! Just because his father is a someone in the company. Unfortunately, Malaysia is a country that does not celebrate academics,” he shared.

The tweet has since gone viral online with many netizens sharing their similar situation where their educational qualifications and income are severely mismatched.

Some netizens suggested that the user looks for a job in a different country like Singapore, where the pay there is much more rewarding.

Responding to a netizen’s suggestion for him to work in another company, the user said that this is his second job and not only did his salary not increase, but it decreased. “Have you ever heard of a poor engineer? I’m one of them,” the user said.

Nonetheless, Malaysian employers are known for being the most stingy in Southeast Asia. A study that was conducted earlier this year found that Malaysian employers only spend 25% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on wages.

When compared to the other neighbouring countries such as Singapore which spends on average 40% of GDP on wages, Indonesia (84%) and the Philippines (76%), Malaysia is not spending enough on its employees.

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