Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Malaysian drivers can now apply to convert their driving licence into a Singaporean one online

NewsMalaysian drivers can now apply to convert their driving licence into a...

Malaysians can now convert their foreign driving licences to a Singapore license, said the Singapore Traffic Police.

In a statement on 14 July, the Singapore Traffic Police said the purpose of the trial is to reduce the waiting and transaction times at the Traffic Police headquarters.

To apply for this, you simply need to follow the flowchart of the process below, starting with Malaysian driving licence holders going to this link to submit their applications.

Source: Singapore Police Force

You will also receive instructions on submitting the supporting documents after submitting your application through the link.

Upon submission, you will get a response within 10 working days on whether or not you need to re-submit the documents and if you are eligible for the conversion.

Nonetheless, successful applicants will still need to go down to the headquarters to provide physical copies of documents and make the necessary payment.

If given the green light, you will receive an appointment date and time for the submission of the original documents at the headquarters for verification.

Successful applicants will receive their hardcopy license within 10 days after it is processed. At the same time, the Digital Driving Licence can be accessed by the next working day if you have a SingPass account, which can be used to drive immediately.

The processing fee will be S$50 (≈RM160). However, before you apply for the conversion, you will need to pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT) at any of the driving centres in Singapore and obtain a letter from JPJ detailing both the classes and the issue date of the license.

Nonetheless, you only need to convert your driving licence if you are planning to stay in Singapore for longer than a year. Because of this, a letter of employment will also be needed for permit holders.

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