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Watch: 3 motorcyclist in Penang found dead after crashing into other vehicles while racing

NewsWatch: 3 motorcyclist in Penang found dead after crashing into other vehicles...

Three men were killed and another three seriously injured following an illegal racing that had gone horribly wrong at the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Highway in George Town, Penang yesterday (17 July).

According to FMT, the fatal accident took place at 4.40 am and it involved a group of mat rempits and several cars.

All 3 victims were motorcyclists and their bodies have been sent to the Penang General Hospital. The victims were identified as Muhamad Shazwan Hakim, 22, Muhamad Eizreel Muhamad Roszadi, 25, and Ahmad Haikal Naif Ahmad Nazrul, 19.

Meanwhile, the injured victims were sent to Hospital Penang to receive treatment.

According to the video that went viral online, the three men were seen involved in a race with a group of ‘Mat Rempits’ on the highway when one of them crashed into a car.

Another video showed a pile of motorcycles on the road, while the members of the public gathered by the roadside after the accident happened.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Muhammad Eizreel’s mother, Shahiril Rohaiza Ramli urged the public to not criticise her son and his friends and said they do not know how it feels to lose a child.

She shared that her son is married and has children aged 4 and 8 years old respectively, while his wife is expecting their third child too.

She said her son is a good man and has always loved motorcycles since he was young. Eizreel, who works as a mechanic, could even build his own motorcycle.

“I advised him not to ride his motorcycle too fast. I also know his friends. They were good kids and they respect their elders,” she said.

Meanwhile, Syazwan Hakim’s mother, Mashitah Md Isa said she did not expect to lose another son so quickly after her third son, Shazril Haikal, also lost his life in a road accident in Kedah last March.

Syazwan Hakim has a twin brother, Mohd Shazwan Hafiz, who suffered severe injuries in the accident. He is currently in a stable condition and is still receiving treatment in Hospital Pulau Pinang.

Mashitah shared that Syazwan Hakim is a family man and had bought all his nephews and nieces gifts during the family trip to Cameron Highlands last Tuesday. He was also recently engaged about five months back.

As for Ahmad Haikal, his brother, Ahmad Najwan Ikhwan Ahmad Nazrul said his younger brother told his friends to bury him in Balik Pulau near his grandfather’s resting place if he ever passed away.

Ahmad Najwan added that his brother also told him that he had a dream of meeting his friends who had passed away.

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