Thursday, March 30, 2023

Police warns of taking action against people who joining price hike ‘Flashmob’ protest

Social NewsPolice warns of taking action against people who joining price hike 'Flashmob'...

The increasing prices of goods have pushed many Malaysians to their limits with many taking to social media to call on the government to take effective measures to combat the inflation.

Responding to the public unease, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani has warned people against participating in gatherings or flash mobs to protest price hikes of goods.

It is believed that this warning came after Amanah’ planned demonstration on 16 July in parliamentary constituencies throughout the country to rally Malaysians to express their discontent against price hikes.


In a statement, Acryl Sani said the police have taken note of videos circulating on social media which called people to participate in a flash mob to protest the rising prices of goods.

He then advised the people to not participate in any flash mobs or assemblies that do not comply with the conditions under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, as such events are deemed illegal assemblies because it’s carried out without prior permission from the police.

Source: Facebook

“Stern action will be taken against the flash mob, assembly organisers or participants who fail to obey the law,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, he also said that police will continue monitoring the activities that could disrupt public order to ensure the nation’s security situation is not affected.

Malaysiakini reported that Amanah leaders previously protested outside the Kampung Baru mosque on 1 July to demand the government return food subsidies, abolish food import permits and for the issue of price hikes to be raised in the next Parliament sitting.

In the protest, Amanah mobilisation chief Sany Hamzan gave the government until 16 July to meet their demands and warned of a bigger gathering if no action was taken.

Nonetheless, two similar flashmobs had taken place in Johor and Penang, with police investigating a group of 30 people for illegally assembling in Bukit Mertajam.

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