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Defence Ministry started a Twitter poll but leaves M’sians confused with its answers

Social NewsDefence Ministry started a Twitter poll but leaves M'sians confused with its...

The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) has recently started a Twitter poll to raise patriotism among Malaysians but only to find that it had to delete the poll after Malaysians were puzzled and amused by its failure.

The post, which is believed to be an effort to raise patriotic sentiments in conjunction with the upcoming Merdeka month, reads “Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, apa anda perlu buat untuk mempertahankan keselamatan negara?” (As a Malaysian, what are you willing to do to defend your country’s security?)

However, the answers given in the poll were, “Ya atau Tidak” (Yes or No).

Source: Twitter

While the question and answers seem like a gag question posted for entertainment purposes, it is actually a legitimate question from the Defence Ministry.

The Twitter poll was posted on the ministry’s official Twitter account yesterday (18 July), but it was taken down on the same day after it caused much confusion among users of the social media platform as they point out that there are no other options listed on the poll and the answers did not tally with the question posed.

Before it was taken down, the post has garnered over 2,000 votes with 74.8% voting “No” while the rest opted to go with “Yes”.

Meanwhile, netizens poke fun at the account’s admin for making such a mistake.

“Is this a sabotage of the ministry’s Twitter account because they (admin) had to post on a weekend?” a netizen asked.

“The question has nothing to do with the answer options listed. Who is the admin for this account? Failed!” another netizen said.

A netizen then pointed out that the post makes no sense and said it’s like asking someone asking where you want to eat but you answered yes or now.

One even hit back at the ministry by making up a poll of his own, asking “Does the ministry’s Twitter not know how to do a voting question and has caused netizens to be confused on how to answer?”

At the time of writing, his poll received over 1,000 votes with 95% agreeing that the admin does not know how to do a voting question.

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