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Local cinema operators call on authorities to explain delay of Thor movie

Social NewsLocal cinema operators call on authorities to explain delay of Thor movie

While Malaysian Marvel fans are still frustrated over the fact that the screening of Thor: Love and Thunder has been postponed indefinitely, local cinema operators have broke the silence and asked the authorities for more updates regarding the delay.

In a Facebook post, GSC Malaysia tagged Disney, FINAS as well as the Ministry of Home Affairs (who control the Film Censorship Board), calling for them to ‘fix this’ issue.

In the meantime, GSC CEO and chairman of the Malaysian Association of Film Exhibitors Koh Mei Lee also called on Disney and the government to step in and clear the air over the film’s delay.


“We hope to get some clarification, whether from Disney or the relevant authorities, to help us understand the reason for the delay and hopefully find a resolution for it as quickly as possible,” she was quoted as saying by The Star.

“We want to understand, why is this movie not shown here? Will it impact future movies that are going to be released here? Because if it does, and all the major movies are going to be cancelled like this, then it won’t be sustainable for the cinema industry.” she added.

Apart from that, Koh also said that local and international content was key to the sustainability of the local cinema industry. She explained that by missing out on airing these movies, movie fans resort to seeking different ways of watching them either legally or illegally online.

Source: Twitter

She then pointed out that apart from having to pay a 25% entertainment tax that streaming platforms do not need to, and having to deal with the window for cinema viewing shorted from 90 days to 45 days, the efforts to market the movie will come to a waste.

Nonetheless, GSC is not the only operator who had raised its concerns. TGV Cinemas’ CEO Tan Lay Han also said when cinemas are unable to draw in crowds, not only cinemas will suffer losses but shopping malls suffer the same fate.

“The cinema industry is a key player in the larger economy as well, so there’s a multiplier effect going on. We definitely hope that future movies won’t go through this (uncertainty) as well,” Tan said.

However, despite the 2 largest cinema operators in the country voicing their concerns, Disney has yet to make any announcement on the delay for the movie.

In the meanwhile, angry fans continued to speculate on the reason for the delay, such as censorship issues involving nudity and LGBTQ, or avoiding competition with local blockbuster Mat Kilau.

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