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Watch: Heavily modified Honda Civic struggles to exit petrol station

A stanced car is a style of car customisation originated from auto sports including Formula 1 and also drifting. The style emphasizes on lowering cars, typically with either coilovers or air suspension, and often adding negative camber to the wheels to achieve the “stanced” look.

The culture originated from Japan but it has since gone viral all over the world.

Recently, Twitter user @anthraxxx781 posted a video showing a Honda Civic car driver struggling to leave the petrol station, mainly due to its suspension being lowered down.

The incident is believed to have taken place in Thailand but local netizens have left plenty of amusing comments on the video.

“I got tired just by watching the video,” a netizen commented.

“He went to the petrol station to fill his tank but later empties his tank by just struggling there,” another netizen jokingly said.

“You already know that the car is already perfect. Why did you modify it?” a netizen asked.

Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out that instead of driving them on the road, stanced cars are only suitable for display at events as well as at roadshows.

Are modifications allowed?

We are sure that you’ve come across the guy that has super bright HID lights that blind your eyes whether they come from the front or the back. Some heavily modified cars even have blast loud bassy music, neon LED lights under them and unnecessarily tall spoilers installed. 

However, not all of these modifications are allowed. According to Section 12 of the Road Transport Act 1987, modifications made to any vehicles before or after registration must be done legally. These vehicles may be inspected by the Director-General at any time too.

Source: Fuel Garden

The prohibited modifications to vehicle includes:

  • Body part/body kit installation that changes the vehicle’s identity
  • Inner roll cage installation
  • HID lights retrofitting
  • Changes to the drive train
  • Flashing lights installation on the vehicle’s front and rear (except for turn lights and warning light)
  • Tinted window or tinted film installation on the windshield with a transparency that is less than 70%
  • Tinted window or tinted film installation on the rear window or side windows with a transparency that is less than 50%

Thus, it is important to note that legal modifications are fine but just don’t go too far.

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