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Here’s a possible reason why the Thor movie is delayed in Malaysia, or worst, banned

Social NewsHere's a possible reason why the Thor movie is delayed in Malaysia,...

The highly anticipated Marvel’s fourth Thor film that was initially set to release in Malaysian cinemas on 7 July, has met with 2 postponements with no new release dates or explanation has been given.

Without an explanation from the filmmakers and cinema operators, fans have come up with multiple speculations and theories as to why Thor’s screening in the country is delayed, or worst, banned.

Recently, a Malaysian who had the opportunity to watch the movie in Singapore took to Facebook to share his thoughts on why Thor: Love and Thunder might not make it into Malaysian cinemas.


If you’ve watched the official trailer, you will notice that there’s a scene that features Thor’s censored buttock with Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Zeus in front of him.

Apart from that, it was said that Tessa Thompson, the actress who plays Valkyrie in the movie confirmed that the character is bisexual. 

Thus, many might be thinking that the nudity and LGBTQ characters could be the possible reasons for Thor to be delayed again and again.

However, according to this netizen, he shared that the villain in the movie, Gorr The God Butcher might be the main reason why it will never be released in Malaysia.

“From his name, his backstory to his dialogues, they all contain an element of insults toward religions and Gods,” he said, adding that Gorr does not only deny the existence of gods but he also strongly suspects that gods necessarily exist.

Despite the storyline being fictional, the netizen believes that it is the element of faith itself that has obstructed the film from being screened in cinemas in Malaysia.

He also explained that nudity and elements of LGBTQ are minor and that the plot will not be affected if they are removed from the movie.

He said, however, that it is definitely impossible for Marvel to remove the sensitive elements of the villain without altering the storyline, as it covers the major part of the movie.

According to IGN, Gorr, the villain is an alien and a serial killer who targets only deities. His motivation is driven by his unanswered prayers which persuaded him to believe that all gods are unworthy of love from their worshippers.

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