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Bryan Wee re-enacts woman who bodily blocked a car and ripping off the license plate and smash it on the windshield

Infamous local YouTuber Bryan Wee has been laying low ever since he got arrested. At that time, he had supposedly offended the Johor Royal Family with some risqué photos. However, after his long break, Bryan Wee is back with more controversial acts.

Recently, a woman went viral for arguing with another driver on the road. She ended up blocking their car with her body, ripping off the licence plate and smashing it on the windshield. Well, Bryan decided mimicking it would make for a great video. Unfortunately, some netizens didn’t agree.

On 14th July, Bryan uploaded a video of him remaking the viral incident. Bryan overlaid his video with audio from the original film, which he acted out to. However, he did make a few changes to the script. For one, Bryan was distinctly less aggressive when he stormed up to the car in his black one-piece dress. For another, Bryan used a rubber slipper instead of the licence plate. Of course, he didn’t scratch the windshield either.

Netizens got a huge kick out of the video, with many finding it funny and creative. Several even praised his performance, claiming he did much better than the original lady. However, some felt that his shooting location was inappropriate.

Bryan had chosen to shoot the video by the side of a busy road, somewhat similar to the original video. However, many felt he had purposefully created a dangerous situation. Several reprimanded him for shooting it on the emergency lane. “You should shoot it on a closed road,” one advised. Another wrote: “Did you make a mistake? You aren’t afraid to enter (jail) again when you record videos like this on the highway?” A comment even advised him to delete the video as it could be seen as him obstructing traffic.

Well, we do understand where netizens are coming from. Hopefully, Bryan will take the necessary precautions if he ever films a similar video in the future!

Watch Bryan’s re-enactment here:


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