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A woman climbed through McD Drive-Thru Window to make her own order

When you want something done and done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. It’s not that you don’t trust anyone to do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures as they say.

Imagine going to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru cause you’re starving but then the staff told you that they’re no longer taking orders. What would you do? A normal person would just give up and go home or go somewhere else but this woman said she’s getting her McDonald’s no matter what. Here’s what happened:

TikTok user @greergreer, a staff at a McDonald’s in the United States (location unspecified) posted a video of a Caucasian woman climbing through the window of the restaurant’s drive-thru. The woman wanted to order her meal but unfortunately the staff told her that they’ve run out of gloves and therefore cannot take anymore orders due to sanitary concerns.

Determined, the woman proceeded to climb through the window to make her own meal herself. The staff can be seen and heard laughing and clapping as she entered the fast food chain restaurant. The woman in pink then asked permission from the manager if she can prepare her own meal.

In the video, we can hear her saying that he won’t get in trouble as she’s a “trainee who came unethically dressed on her first day” and that he’s not responsible for anything she’s done on the premise. The manager’s colleagues can still be seen laughing and filming. Netizens were definitely entertained and glad that there was no fighting involved as everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves.

Meanwhile, it is currently unknown if the young woman actually got to make her order as it was previously mentioned by the staff that they ran out of gloves. Regardless, we’re glad a fight didn’t occur and that everyone had a good laugh about the whole incident.


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