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“It’s like going to a concert” Couple charges RM50 entry ticket to wedding dinner

When you are attending wedding dinners, it’s a common practice to give an angpau or gifts to the newlyweds as it can help them kickstart their life.

While angpau and gifts are given based on one’s capabilities and means, there’s a wedding invitation that went viral on Twitter for its absurd content with many netizens asking whether this is the new trend.

In a tweet, Twitter user @naqyaaa shared a rather peculiar wedding invitation that is set to take place at the end of this year, where it comes with a list of items and prices.

“This is confusing, is this an invitation to a wedding or an exhibition?” she wrote in the tweet.

Other than usual details such as the date and venue of the wedding, this wedding invitation card requires guests to pay RM50 per person as an entry ticket into the wedding and the buffet, separately.

In addition, guests will also be charged RM20 per piece if they intended to take a picture alongside the bride and groom.

Even more, the invitation also included song requests that will be charged at RM3 and those who propose to sing karaoke will be charged RM2 for 2 songs.

At the end of the invitation card, it said guests will receive a 50% discount if they attend the wedding bearing gifts for the couple.

In the comment section, netizens expressed disbelief and said they have never attended one that requires them to pay. Some even joked that going to that wedding invitation is as if they are going to a concert or a Ramadan buffet.

Nonetheless, some were not happy with this and said that the couple should not hold the feast if they are not expecting to be able to settle the bill.

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