Tuesday, January 31, 2023

You’ll soon find ads on your smartphone’s lock screen

Tech & GamesYou'll soon find ads on your smartphone's lock screen

A tech company in India has found its new real estate for advertisement placement and it is your phone’s lock screen.

According to ETX Studio, Glance, an Indian company specialising in mobile ads is planning to launch its services on Android smartphones in the United States in the coming months.

Glance, a subsidiary of India’s InMobi Group said the service is already present on about 400 million smartphones in Asia, principally Android devices manufactured by Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi or Oppo.

Through advertising on the lock screen of these phones, Glance said it can offer games, news articles, videos, travel information, sponsored media content and in fact, just about any content could fit on the lock screen.

Meanwhile, 200 million users were reported to have “interacted” with its service in India.

With this success, the company is now targeting the US market with a more high-end offering. At the same time, Glance is also working closely with smartphone manufacturers in Asia.

However, the strategy appears to be different in the United States as it will need to get closer to mobile network operators, through which most cell phones are sold with price plans.

Currently, the company is valued at US$2 billion (RM8.86 billion) and it already has partnerships with Samsung, Motorola, and Xiaomi and is backed by the tech giant Google.

While it is unclear how the feature could be integrated into smartphones, users will likely have the possibility to disable the option quickly.

However, the feature could be enabled by default, offering a way for the company to make a tidy profit by betting on the inability of less tech-savvy users to disable the option.

Back in August 2021, Samsung rolled out a similar move as it displayed ads in its One UI but it quickly met with numerous complaints from consumers and was forced to row back on this.

However, for now, Glance’s service seems only to concern Android smartphones. As for Apple, the next version iOS 16 will allow consumers new ways to customize their lock screen.

Nonetheless, it looks like our smartphone lock screens are going to undergo quite a facelift in the coming months.

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