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British TikToker debates that Singapore’s Nasi Lemak is better than Malaysia’s

If it’s one thing Malaysia and Singapore can’t ever agree on, it’s the food. Which country has the better food?

Obviously answers would be biased especially if you’ve only ever eaten dishes in your home country. For those who have eaten in both Singapore and Malaysia, their answers could also be biased as they might have their own preferences.

Whatever your preferences are, there’s always going to be those who wants to stir up a fight. Nigel Ng was not afraid to voice out his opinions on Singaporean food saying that they’re the lower level versions of Malaysian food. But one TikTok user might disagree on that as she posted a video claiming a certain dish in Singapore is way better than the one in Malaysia.

TikTok user @CeCeCourtney posted a video on her profile showing a dish that she claims to be Nasi Lemak. In the 7-second video, she wrote “Let’s admit it, Singapore’s nasi lemak is nicer than Malaysia’s nasi lemak”. However, the dish in the video does not look like the nasi lemak we all know and love as there were no hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, anchovies and most importantly the sambal.

The dish in the video instead was just rice with curry, vegetables on the side and fried chicken. The video then went viral with over 67k views, 990 likes and 700 comments at the time of writing this article. Then came the comments by Malaysians who are very confused with her statement.

Malaysian netizens commented on the post with some saying that the TikTok user is deliberately doing this to start a war while others were just baffled as to how the dish in the video would even be considered as nasi lemak if all the important ingredients were missing.

Before you go and join everyone in the comments, read Cece’s caption carefully as she wrote “#comedy” in the tags which indicates that she was only joking and that she probably knew that the dish wasn’t actually nasi lemak (we hope). Whether she was joking or not, it’s pretty clear she knew what she was doing when she posted the video.


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