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“Why widen road? They are only used once a year” Kelantan Deputy MB gets panned by M’sians for being ignorant

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Being Malaysians, we all know how terrible the traffic on the highway is, especially during the festive seasons. While there are many causes for the traffic, one of the reasons is the condition of the roads.

Over the years, there had been calls for the Kelantan state government to upgrade and broaden the roads in the state.

However, Kelantan Deputy Minister Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah believes that there is no need for the state government to do so as it is pointless for them to widen the roads as “they are only used once a year”.

He made this comment in response to the reporters who were asking him about the state government’s plans to tackle the unusual traffic congestion that happens every Raya season.

“So we have to go through it. It’s not like it happens often,” he said, adding that the roads are only used once a year.

Source: Kosmo

The video has since gone viral online with many netizens expressing their amusement and outrage over his comments.

One angry netizen pointed out that a specific road in Kelantan that is often congested during Raya season. “On normal days, it takes 45 minutes, but during Raya, it can go up to 5 to 6 hours of being stuck there.”

“If you look at Kelantan, it’s not like they can’t widen the roads. The shoulders of the road are wide and it is possible to add another lane. But if you have a minister like this, then there’ll be no end to the issue of traffic congestion in Kelantan,” another netizen said.

One netizen also slammed the minister for his remarks and said roads are not used only during Raya but a necessity for the people. “Having nice roads will boost the economy. If you want to give an excuse, at least make it sound a bit smarter,” he added.

What do you think about the comments by the minister? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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