Sunday, March 26, 2023

Watch: SG-registered car left completely wheel-less in JB mall

Social NewsWatch: SG-registered car left completely wheel-less in JB mall

A Singaporean-registered vehicle that was parked in the basement carpark of KSL City Mall in Johor Bahru was left wheel-less after all four of its tires were stolen.

The incident was brought to light by TikTok user @tiobehpy0 after he spotted a red car resembling that of a Mazda having no wheels and rims. The user then said he was unsure if the owner of the vehicle was even aware of what had happened to his car.

Meanwhile, he also noted that the thief who removed the wheels and rims had left the jack stands, which are used to support the weight of lifted vehicles.

According to the caption in the video, the unfortunate incident had taken place on Saturday (9 July).

Based on the colour and markings of the parking lot, it was confirmed that the location was indeed KSL City Mall.

Source: TikTok

In the comment section, netizens felt sorry for the owner of the red vehicle. At the same time, they were not surprised by the incident and claimed that Johor had high crime rates.

Some even mocked Malaysians for welcoming Singaporeans into the state with such “gifts”.

On the other hand, some netizens advised fellow Singaporeans to refrain from driving into Johor Bahru with a Singapore-registered licensed plate as far as possible to avoid making themselves a target by thieves.

“That is why when I go JB, I didn’t drive my car there. Better take bus, safety first,” a netizen said.

Nonetheless, we hope that the KSL Mall management will help the affected Singaporean owner in recovery efforts.

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