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Watch: M’sians slam Najib for using police outriders to avoid traffic congestion during Aidiladha holiday

Source: Facebook & Twitter

Major highways in the country have been experiencing heavy congestion as Malaysians travel back to their hometown over the weekends to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha.

While the average Malaysians have to sit in the traffic and wait it out, it appears that VIPs in the country do not have to do so and have ‘ways’ to deal with the congestion.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right! VIPs can easily deal with this issue by employing outriders to pave way for them while avoiding traffic congestion.

Recently, a video showing several police cars and motorcycles driving in the middle of the lane with their sirens blaring away to signal other cars to give way has gone viral online. The video also showed a white Toyota Vellfire with the number plate VBG 11 following closely behind the convoy.

Meanwhile, netizens were quick to find out that the convoy was for former Prime Minister Najib Razak and they were outraged to see this, especially after Najib has in a Facebook post on Thursday (8 July) called upon Malaysians to be careful and patient on the road during the festive seasons.

“To all who are starting their journey home, be patient and prioritise your safety. Think of the family members who are with you and waiting for you at the village,” the post reads.

The video later caught the attention of Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim and he called for outrider services to be terminated for all ministers and deputy ministers.

“Stop abusing our police outrider service. Besides, he (Najib) is no longer holding a government post and was convicted of misappropriating public funds. The police are supposed to nab thieves, not give them escort service. Respect the police!” he wrote in a tweet.

In the comment section, netizens share the same sentiment with Sim and were disappointed over the fact that Najib was given special treatment despite not being a minister.

Nonetheless, outriders have develop an infamous reputation among Malaysians after all the danger and inconvenience they cause to other road users by forcing them to give way to VIPs.

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