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M’sian woman got shocked when her male colleague asks if he can follow her home, ask netizens’ opinion whether this is sexual harassment

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It is certainly a blessing to have good colleagues who will take care of you at work. However, certain boundaries should remain in place to keep the relationship healthy.

Recently, food vlogger Ceddy shared a couple of screenshots of a conversation between an anonymous woman and him on his Twitter account, where the woman reached out to him to ask if the situation she went through is considered sexual harassment.

The woman shared that her male colleague was initially asking common questions such as, “Why had you not gone home? Where are you staying?”

However, the conversation quickly turned sour when the colleague ask a question that seem to consist of elements of sexual harassment.

“He asked if he could follow me home,” the woman said, adding that the question shocked the woman and sent her into silence.

She then wondered if the question was considered sexual harassment.

Responding to her question, Ceddy told the woman that this is not really sexual harassment but it has the potential to become one.

“Why would he want to follow you home? To clean your toilet?” Ceddy rhetorically asked.

Source: Twitter

The woman then said she had obtained the opinion of her female colleagues and they were also shocked by the question that was posed to her.

While some of us may think that the question was common among colleagues, Ceddy said that this is not normal. He added that boundaries should be enforced in the workplace.

“Enforce a boundary with him. Tell him the next time he says that again, you’ll take action. Intimidate him a little!’ he suggested.

The woman then thanked him for his suggestion and said felt much better after speaking to Ceddy about it.

Meanwhile, Ceddy’s tweet has garnered support from netizens, though some thought the male colleague is simply making a joke.

However, Ceddy does not agree with this and said, “No need for jokes! Just do your job and go home. Are you a comedian?”

He also responded to some netizens who asked if the joke was posed to a man but Ceddy stands still that this is not right. “It’s still harassment. What part of boundaries do you not understand? Tell her off if you’re not comfortable,” he said.

Lastly, some netizens said there’s a possibility that the colleague just wanted to be nice and offer her a ride home but he expressed it in a wrong way.

Ladies, have you encountered such a situation? What would you do if someone poses you this question? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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