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“Irons are for ironing clothes” UKM crowd gets slammed by netizens for mocking UPNM’s fatal bullying incident during football match

Social News"Irons are for ironing clothes" UKM crowd gets slammed by netizens for...

It is important for sportsmen to uphold their sportsmanship, so as fans who are supporting their favourite team.

Recently, a video showing how supporters of a local public university’s football team stepped across the boundaries during the Malaysian Institutes of Higher Education (IPT) Football League Final has gone viral online.

The final was held on 6 July between Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) but the supporters of the former were heard singing an insensitive and provocative chant during the match.

Source: Kosmo

The match was played in UKM’s own stadium and the crowd was caught singing ‘iron untuk gosok baju’ in Bahasa Malaysia, which can be translated into ‘irons are for ironing clothes’ in English.

The chant is believed to be in reference to the infamous bullying incident in UPNM which caused the death of a student.

Meanwhile, the video has gained the attention of netizens with many criticised the group for not only being insensitive, but insulting the late Cadet Officer Zulfarhan.

In the comment section, many netizens expressed their disappointment at the UKM crowd’s actions, which they said are not befitting of its ‘national university’ monicker.

“I’m a student from UKM and even I do not agree with the group for chanting something like that,” a netizen said.

Despite the provocation, UPNM ended up victorious in the match between the 2 local football teams.

Nonetheless, we hope that the group will learn from this incident and stop making something that insensitive in the future.

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