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“It’s only wayang!” Environment Minister’s flood clean-up video draws criticisms from netizens

Social News"It's only wayang!" Environment Minister's flood clean-up video draws criticisms from netizens

On Monday (4 July), several villages in Baling, Kedah were rocked by a flash flood that displaced over 300 residents. The district is still recovering from the aftermath as of today.

Following the incident, assistance from the federal government, state governments and even non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were sent to the district to help the affected residents.

However, a video of Environment and Water Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man helping the food victims has made rounds on social media, with many questioning whether it is all just a ‘photo op’ or publicity stunt.


Yb Menteri KASA @titm_official membantu bersihkan lumpur dirumah mangsa #banjirbaling di #kampungiboibaling ini contoh #ybpas yg boleh jadi teladan

♬ Yasir Lana – arief akdw

The 21-second video was posted on TikTok by the minister’s special duties officer Mohd Zaidy Abdul Talib on Thursday (7 July) and it has a caption that says, “(Tuan Ibrahim) helping to clear the mud at the homes of Baling flood victims in Kg Iboi. This is an instance of a PAS MP that can be made into an example.”

While the post was meant to commend the minister for his act of clearing mud at a victim’s house, a majority of Malaysians disagree with many saying that the minister should focus on finding solutions to the floods that have been happening in the country instead.

Source: TikTok

In the comment section, netizens pointed out that as the Environment and Water Minister, Tuan Ibrahim does not need to clear the mud instead, he should go to meetings to help overcome such environmental issues.

Besides, many also questioned the need to have multiple cameramen record his action of clearing out the mud.

Meanwhile, a netizen jokingly said that this could be a sign that the General Election is getting nearer too.

Source: TikTok

“Ministers coming down and doing work is a sign that general elections are nearing. After the elections, you won’t see them doing such tasks while they continue to give the same promises,” @ada.ada.je.kau.ni said. 

The floods in Baling on Monday have caused hundreds of residents there to be evacuated to several relief centres with more than 80 houses affected. 

It was reported that the floods have claimed 3 lives, including a four-month pregnant woman, who was found the next day after strong currents swept their house away when floods hit Kg Iboi, Kupang.

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