Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Grocery store denies selling customer packet cooking oil as they did not spend minimum RM20 in a purchase

Social NewsGrocery store denies selling customer packet cooking oil as they did not...

Prices of bottled cooking oil have increased by more than 40% following the subsidy removal by the government. Despite the low and middle-income households being badly affected, some businesses still take advantage of the situation to further squeeze their pockets.

Recently, the Isu Semasa Viral Twitter page shared a video of an angry customer confronting a grocery store worker who allegedly imposed a minimum purchase of RM20 before he could purchase a cooking oil.

“Most shops are indeed like this. Selling cooking oil with conditions, customers have to buy things before they are allowed to buy cooking oil.” they wrote in the tweet.

Meanwhile, the video showed the angry customer calling the grocery store worker out after he denied to process for the transaction.

“I want to buy cooking oil and you’re telling me to purchase RM20 worth of items before I can get cooking oil? Do you have oil or not? Where are these rules coming from?” the angry customer said.

It was later revealed that the worker had hidden the cooking oil behind the counter as the worker walked away, and the customer ventured behind the counter.

Source: Twitter

“Hah, they’ve kept it there. See this, only after spending RM20 can you buy cooking oil. How can it be this way?” the customer added.

“Now, I want oil. I don’t care. I am a Malaysian. Why am I not allowed to buy this cooking oil?” the man questioned as the video ended.

The incident had since caught netizens’ attention with many condemning the grocery store worker for imposing such a rule that denies customers of their rights.

Many netizens also shared that they’ve encountered the same situation as well.

At the same time, they tagged the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s official Twitter account and called for the authorities to investigate the matter.

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