Thursday, March 30, 2023

Supplementary Food Programme under fire from M’sians again after a picture of small food portion went viral

Social NewsSupplementary Food Programme under fire from M'sians again after a picture of...

The Supplementary Food Programme (RMT) was first introduced in 2019 by the Ministry of Education (KPM) and it is targeted at providing students from low-income families with a nutritious breakfast.

However, the programme has recently come under fire from netizens after Astro Awani journalist Izwar Wahid took to Twitter to share how students from a national school in Pahang are only receiving a paltry portion food under the RMT programme.

He also shared a picture of the food along in the tweet, showing the 2 bite-sized worth of noodles topped with some vegetables.

“This is the RMT Menu for 6 July at one of the SK in Pahang. To be specific, it’s near the railway that is so ‘rapuh’ (fragile). Maybe it’s due to the price hike,” the journalist wrote in his tweet.

Meanwhile, Izwar also tagged the official Twitter account of the KPM and its minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin in the tweet, calling them out to explain this matter.

In another tweet, Izwar highlighted that the canteen operator had been warned by the school principal and district education office over the portion but the situation has not improved so far.

Meanwhile, Izwar’s tweet has gone viral online with many netizens criticising the canteen operator for providing such pitiful portions to the students.

“Even my neighbour’s cat eats better than this,” a netizen said.

“If they told me it was a picture of leftovers, I’ll believe without a doubt,” another netizen said.

The tweet also caught the attention of the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), which slammed the ministry for failing to provide nutritious meals for the students and this defeats the purpose of the programme.

Nonetheless, this is not the first time such an issue had happened. In January this year, a netizen took to Facebook to call out to the authorities for serving students only rice and gravy under the RMT programme.

Responding to the issue, the education minister promised that the minister will be looking into the case.

“I take the allegations seriously and have directed that further investigations be made, including identifying the schools involved,” Dr Radzi said in a Facebook post.

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