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M’sian got his car stolen after renting it out through Trevo app

Social NewsM'sian got his car stolen after renting it out through Trevo app

Trevo is an app where people can rent out their cars on a short-term basis to others. However, one Trevo user is now claiming that renting out his car through the platform has lead to his car allegedly going missing.

According to Twitter user Nor Azam Budin, he shared that he decided to try out the app after seeing great reviews about it on social media.

Soon after he registered himself on the app, he received a request to rent his car for 3 days. He then turn down the request as he remained wary about letting others use his car.

Later on, Azam get another booking at 29 June for a one-day loan of his car, from 8.30 pm that day itself to 8.30 pm the next day. Considering that it was only for a day, Azam accepted the request.

After confirming it, an employee from Trevo proceeded to head to his home and collect the Toyota Alphard to deliver it to the customer who booked it.

However, when it was time for Azam to get back his car, a Trevo employee that the customer told them that they’ll return the car himself. Azam immediately sensed that something was amiss and he went and contact Trevo support, who told him that the customer had passed on the car to a friend of his.

Apparently, the friend took the Alphard all the way to Banting and there was no further updates from there.

Frustrated with the platform, Azam decided to message the customer himself but it was obvious that the customer was mostly dodging his questions.

With Azam’s car still missing on the next day, he proceeded to file a police report. Meanwhile, the police informed that his case would first need to be handled by the Commercial Crimes Division as it involves Trevo.

In addition, he was also told that his insurance will not be covering his missing car the policy does not state it would cover incidents that involve renting it out on Trevo. This also caught Azam by surprise as he claims Trevo’s FAQ section never revealed that.

Even worse, Azam later found that Trevor’s verification system to be wanting as it allowed the customer to pose with sunglasses on and with another person’s Identification Card.

On the other hand, Azam also claimed that he found another victim who had his Toyota Hiace went missing after renting it out on Trevo. Apparently, the suspect that was involved has the same IC number as shown in Trevo’s documentation of the user who took his Alphard.

As of the time of writing, Azam’s car is still missing but the case has since caught the attention of the higher-ups in Trevo. The company has agreed to provide Azam with a car as a temporary solution.

Trevo also said Azam will be compensated if the police failed to retrieve his car.

At the same time, Azam is offering a reward of RM2,000 to anyone who managed to retrieve his car (Number plate: VHL 805) and he will add another RM1,000 if they managed to apprehend the suspect too.

We hope that the suspect will be apprehended and Azam’s vehicle to be returned soon without any issues.

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