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“I’m tired, find someone else to help you!” JPJ officer refuses to help and plays with his phone instead

Social News"I'm tired, find someone else to help you!" JPJ officer refuses to...

Malaysia’s government or public service is known for being slow-paced but nobody would expect them to refuse to help someone with a lame excuse.

Recently, a frustrated Twitter user, Wong, took to the social media to share his horrible experience at a JPJ office in Sabah.

According to Wong, he went there to get his travel bus license renewed but he was asked to sit and wait patiently until his turn.

It was finally his turn at about 3.30 pm and he was assisted by one of the officials to head over to counter 3. Upon arrival, he passed all the required documents to the officer, expecting it to be processed smoothly.

However, as the officer saw the documents, he told Wong, “What’s this? Why are there so many documents?”

“I don’t want to see this, I’m tired! Find someone else to help you,” Wong wrote, adding that the officer started playing with his phone while throwing the documents back at Wong.

Source: Twitter

Wong was very dissatisfied with the officer’s attitude and said the renewal was meant to be done there.

“I had no choice but to go to a different counter with a different officer to get it done,” he said.

Wong later lodged a complain through the department’s website and detailed his entire experience there.


Soon after the incident went viral, the JPJ director-general met up with Wong and have the officer involved to apologise to Wong. Nonetheless, Wong also graciously accepted his apology.

“I hope that this matter wouldn’t happen again to anyone as we are all just trying to get our matters settled. We need each other’s help,” he said in his Facebook post.

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