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Mat rempit TikToker invited to give motivational talk in school, M’sians are not happy with this

Social NewsMat rempit TikToker invited to give motivational talk in school, M'sians are...

Recently, a TikTok video showing a prominent mat rempit being invited to give a motivational talk at a school has sparked huge criticism online.

In the video, it showed mat rempit Haqiem Stopa, who the honour of being a “motor icon” among Malaysian youths, being given a celebrity-like welcome by students. In addition, he was greeted by a sea of students who are excited to catch a glimpse of him.

The students were also seen jostled with each other to take a group picture with him.

Meanwhile, netizens were not happy to see a mat rempit giving motivational talks at a school and took to the comment sections to criticise him.

“What has he contributed to the country?” a netizen asked.

“Back in my time, the speakers were always from the counselling department. They’d bring a projector to play videos of drugs, smoking and the troubles that mothers go through while giving birth. Today’s generation is inviting mat rempits,” another netizen said.

Many also claimed that inviting a mat rempit to give motivational talks can bring bad influence to the students.

Nonetheless, mat rempits have long been a scourge to Malaysian road users as they often endanger other motorists and themselves with dangerous driving and stunts.

According to The Sun Daily, official statistics from the Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department showed 632 offenders were hauled up and 9,117 summonses issued under the “Ops Samseng Jalanan” launched this year alone.

The operation was conducted after a tragedy which took place on 23 April, where 3 boys aged between 15 and 16 were killed in an illegal racing accident in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

Who is Haqiem Stopa?

There’s little information about Haqiem Stopa, except that he is being idolised by the younger generation but despised by others due to his mat rempit persona.

It appears that he is also aware of the recent criticism levelled towards him, which he addressed in a video interview with mStar’s Amin Hazlan.

“I will continue to use the mat rempit title until the day I pass on because I want to change the public’s perception towards it,” he said.

“In the past, no one dared to use this title as it was often associated with thieves and rapists. This is why I want to change it into something good where people will link the mat rempit title to success.”

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