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“Watch Mat Kilau!” Selangor Sultan calls for unity among Malay leaders, says fractions in the community are hindering the nation’s progress

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The epic Malaysian historical movie Mat Kilau has collected a whooping RM47 million in ticket sales after only 11 days of release, making it the fastest and highest-grossing Malaysian film in history.

Meanwhile, Sultan of Selangor, DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj has also caught up with the film but he now has a stern reminder for the Malays, especially the politicians.

In a statement, Sultan Sharafuddin said he views seriously factions among the Malays, especially among Malay political leaders who are capable of threatening unity and harmony in a multiracial society as well as political stability.

He then called on the Malay community, including Malay political leaders, to watch Mat Kilau for the ‘special message’ about how the strength of the race depends on unity and the upholding of Islam.

Source: Facebook

“I watched the film Mat Kilau that depicted how factions among the Malays can result in external influences easily controlling us.”

“If we were to appreciate the dialogue from this film, it delivers a message to the Malays that the strength of a nation lies in the spirit of unity and adherence to Islam,” His Highness said.

In this regard, Sultan Sharafuddin said the Malay community and the Malay political leaders have to unite to protect the welfare of the Malay community.

Source: Facebook

He also reminded that this had to be done without abandoning the rights and welfare of the non-Malays in this country.

His Highness said that Malay political leaders must realise that the country’s development and progress very much depend on stable leadership.

“If you fail to exhibit responsibility in your leadership, other races will lose their respect towards the Malay leaders and not support them,” he explained.

On another note, Sultan Sharafuddin said the culture of spreading fake news and personal attacks has been widespread in society and this has threatened harmony in the country.

In addition, he said open betrayal and hatred had appeared to become a culture in today’s society too.

Sultan Sharafuddin ended his statement by reminding all political leaders to do good and practise healthy culture guided by tolerance and good faith to achieve unity and togetherness for the nation to prosper.

“I urge everyone to develop a strong, dignified and harmonious society, one that is free from corruption and which respects universal human values,” His Highness said.

Read the statement from Sultan Sharafuddin here:


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