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Local Preacher reprimands Muslims who make jokes with prayer oil and claim that it is ‘affordable cooking oil’

Social NewsLocal Preacher reprimands Muslims who make jokes with prayer oil and claim...

Since the beginning of the year, Malaysians have been taking to social media to vent out their frustrations over the rising prices and cost of living.

Among the items that had seen their prices increase significantly is cooking oil, especially after the government announces the removal of subsidies on bottled oil.

Recently, an image of a prayer oil has gone viral online for the wrong reason. A Facebook page posted a picture of a bottled oil that was used for prayers by non-Muslims, claiming that it was low-priced cooking oil.

Source: Malay Mail

The bottled oil, named Fu Kui was capped at a price of RM9.90 and used for prayer purposes has been ‘labelled’ as an alternative for ‘affordable cooking oil’. 

The caption of the image says, “Cooking oil for RM9.90. Thank God for the sustenance.”

Source: Facebook

A joke turned offensive

In response to the viral post, Local preacher, Firdaus Wong Wai Hung said that he understands how the public is suffering due to the rise in living costs, but he reminded Muslims that it is forbidden for believers to lie even if it’s for joke purposes.

He also pointed out that the packaging of the oil clearly states that the oil is only used for prayer purposes and Firdaus believes that the admin of the Facebook page should not have any problem understanding it.

He then continued by saying that we shouldn’t associate religion with a joke as we would get upset if religious items like songkok and prayer mats were used for humour.


“We do not like people to insult Islam or joke with equipment that is synonymous with Islam such as songkok, kopiah, telekung, sejadah and so on, so we should not joke about the prayer tools of other religions,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

Meanwhile, most of the netizens agree with Firdaus and many lamented the admin of the Facebook page for making a rude joke.

Netizens also thank Firdaus for voicing out on the matter and reprimanding the Muslims in the country to be more sensitive to others.

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