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“I would rather earn less to fill people’s stomach” Chicken rice vendor maintain prices at RM3.60 for up to 9 years!

Social News"I would rather earn less to fill people's stomach" Chicken rice vendor...

Amid the rising prices of ingredients, many vendors have been forced to increase their prices to cope with the situation.

However, there’s one chicken rice seller in Kuala Kangsar, Perak who refuses to place more financial burden on his customer and instead maintain prices to fill hungry stomachs.

In an interview with Sin Chew, the Hainanese Chicken Rice vendor in Kuala Kangsar, Tan said he chose to sell each packet for RM3.60 for about 9 years now only as he want to help ease the burden of its customers.

Source: Sin Chew

“Even though the price of chicken has increased 7 to 8 times, I still sell chicken rice at RM3.60 only as I’m willing to earn less than to let others go hungry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tan said his business saw a 20% drop when the government announced the abolishing of subsidies for chicken 2 weeks ago. Fortunately for him, the drop did not stay long.

Source: Sin Chew

“Some customers thought that I would be increasing the price. But after I told them that I won’t be doing so, things started to return to normal.” he said.

Apart from maintaining the cheap prices, Tan also took an extra mile to help the needy by giving away around 100 to 150 packs of chicken rice to the  low-income groups every 2 to 3 months.

Despite the shockingly low price, Sin Chew also reported that some of the customers have spoken fondly about the taste of the food at the restaurant. 

“It’s cheap. At only RM3.60, you can get a tasty chicken rice, which is rare,” a customer said.

The restaurant is known as Kuala Kangsar Hainanese Chicken Rice – 记得来 and if you happened to be in Perak, remember to give this a try!

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