Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Public Health Malaysia advises to not reuse cooking oil more than 3 times, M’sians say people are forced to

Social NewsPublic Health Malaysia advises to not reuse cooking oil more than 3...

With prices of cooking oil skyrocketing, some people are turning to reuse cooking oil to save their wallets.

In response to this, Public Health Malaysia (PHM) has taken to their Facebook page to warn the public about the dangers of reusing oil more than three times.

“With an increase in the oil prices, we hope businesses will not reuse oil multiple times to save money.” the post reads.


PHM also advise the public to not use the cooking oil when it has turned into chocolate or blackish in colour. It explained that a toxic substance named aldehydes that was left in the cooking oil will be absorbed into the food when frying.

It added that aldehydes are cancer-causing substances.

PHM also said that the free radicals produced will cause inflammation in the body, leading to heart diseases, stroke, obesity and diabetes.

Meanwhile, PHM also explained how to spot if a restaurant is reusing its oil; you will feel a ‘sting’ in your throat, followed by pain. This is because the used cooking oil has turned acidic.

Thus, PHM advises Malaysians not to reuse cooking oil more than three times. However, it said used oil can be resold or processed into other things such as candles and soaps.

In the comment section, many netizens pointed out that cooking oil has now become so expensive that not many could afford using fresh cooking oil.

“Those who can afford it have a choice, those who can’t have no choice,” a netizen said.

“People who are in need wouldn’t think of these risks. For them, it only matters if it can sustain them. That’s the way of people in poverty,” another netizen said.

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