Thursday, March 30, 2023

“Protest won’t decrease inflation” Annuar Musa gets flak from netizens for being tone-deaf

Social News"Protest won't decrease inflation" Annuar Musa gets flak from netizens for being...

A group of student unions have recently staged the #Turun protest to call out to the government to take effective measures in combating the rising cost of living in the country. However, 8 participants were called in for questioning by the police the following day.

In response to the protest, Jihad Task Force chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa said that although people are allowed to demonstrate in this democratic country, inflation rates have never plunged after a protest throughout the history of the world.

“Those who want to have a demo, demo lah. Just that I haven’t found – in the history of the world – that inflation would decrease after a demo.” he told the reporters after an award ceremony held on Sunday (3 July) in conjunction with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s silver jubilee.

Meanwhile, he also invited the demonstration’s organisers and leaders to meet with him and share proposals to address the country’s inflation rates.

He then pointed out that other countries recorded inflation rates of 8% to 10% but there’s no demonstration there.

“Here, we have an inflation rate of 2.8% and demonstrations. Others would say, ‘what are we doing’ right?” he said.

“Demo leaders, when they’re free, come and meet me. Let’s share ideas. I’m not that smart to handle all of it on my own. I’m not Superman.”

Annuar Musa then said that the special inflation task force would invite experts like Bank Negara Malaysia. He said that there are influencing factors that are not under the government’s control.

Meanwhile, his comments did not go well with netizens as they criticised him for not listening to the people and pushing his responsibilities to the protest leaders by asking them to come up with a solution when it is supposed to be his job.

“Demonstrations are not forcing inflation to reduce. It’s for old tone-deaf people like you to step down,” a netizen said.

“The function of a demonstration is to show the world that people like you who are supposed to handle inflation are not doing your jobs! It’s a tool to pressure, not a solution,” another netizen explained.

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