Wednesday, December 7, 2022

M’sians amazed by Watsons’ drive-through store in JB, say it is more time-efficient!

Social NewsM'sians amazed by Watsons' drive-through store in JB, say it is more...

Most of us are familiar with the drive-through concept as we often ‘drive through’ our favourite fast-food restaurants and coffee chains to avoid the queue.

However, it seems that this concept has now spread across other types of businesses and it seems that you can now get your health care and beauty care products via drive-through.

Recently, TikTok user @ftn.khuzaifah took her shopping experience with Watsons Malaysia via a drive-through online and it has attracted netizens’ curiosity.

According to the user, the Watsons Malaysia outlet is located at Taman Daya, Johor Baru and is the brand’s first stand-alone store with a drive-through service.

The store was opened in May 2022 and it spans over 4,800sq ft. Meanwhile, the drive-through concept allows customers to purchase via the Watsons app and use the “Click & Collect Express service” to collect items within four hours from the drive-through counter.

This concept comes after an increase the demand for convenience and hassle-free shopping.

Nonetheless, Malaysians were amazed by the concept and expressed their eagerness to visit the store. Some even made jokes about how the drive-through would work.

“How does a Watsons drive through work? Do I have to ask, ‘can you get me the Maybelline lip matte code etc.’ like that,” a netizen asked.

On the other hand, some pointed out that this concept would save more of their time than entering a Watsons store, where they had to spend hours looking for the products they want.

Source: TikTok

“Fathers no longer need to wait for their wives and daughters to come out.” a netizen said.

“Wow, will this mean that we can save time? Normally places like this, it’s not right if you don’t spend 5 to 6 hours there,” another netizen said.

What do you think about this ‘drive through’ concept by Watsons Malaysia? Share your thoughts!

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