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Youths are losing interest in durian due to the high prices

Social NewsYouths are losing interest in durian due to the high prices

Despite having a fruitful harvest this year, durian traders in Kelantan are facing difficulty in selling them to the locals.

In a Facebook post, user Ahmad Sahir Jais explains why durian sales have been bad for some traders in the recent years.

He explained that the price of durian has skyrocketed when sold by kilograms and this caused many not to be able to afford it.


When parents with limited income were forced to choose between buying necessities and durian, they would obviously not choose the durian.

This then affects the younger generation as they were not given a chance to taste durians.

In the end, we get a younger generation who dislike durians as they were not exposed to the taste of durian in advance.

“It’s much less affordable, and durians are no longer a priority in a family’s purchase. Durian became a luxury food, no longer for commoners. When the head of the family no longer buys, the younger generation in the family also starts to dislike the taste of durian.” he said.

Source: Places and Foods

Meanwhile, Ahmad said after chatting with a durian trader, he admitted that the younger generation is no longer interested in eating durian even though the price is dropping.

The durian trader said the response was lacklustre even though they offer a durian buffet at RM20 per head.

In the comment section, netizens agree with Ahmad and many said that durian traders had only themselves to blame for turning away prospective customers.

Many netizens also point out that people would rather spend on necessities because of the rising prices which reduce their disposable income.

“That’s right, most are not interested in durian anymore. It’s better to save for other necessities.” one netizen said.

“People these days need to choose between their needs and wants.” another netizen said.

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