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Watch: KPDNHEP suggests to eat less eggs if they are expensive

Social NewsWatch: KPDNHEP suggests to eat less eggs if they are expensive

Malaysians are already frustrated with the rising cost of living and now, we have to deal with the jokes government officials give us.

Amid the rising egg prices, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) has suggested that people eat fewer eggs if they find them expensive.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday (1 June), KPDNHEP Melaka director Norena Jaafar said eggs are more expensive globally due to inflation and Malaysian consumers are not alone.

“As consumers who are aware that eggs are expensive these days, we can try to ease our expenditure by eating less eggs.”

“That way, if in a week we can consume up to 20 eggs, we get to lessen it to 10 or 15. So there would not be a problem.”

“That is our way of life nowadays,” she said.

Meanwhile, she also said the rising prices are nothing new in the country and asked people to bear with it while the government is doing all it can.

Her remarks did not go well with the public with many netizens wanting KPDNHEP to take a more aggressive step instead of advising the public on what they should do.

Apart from that, netizens also complain that traders are now charging 30 sen for each box of eggs.


According to Facebook user Siti Faerne Angah, the incident took place at a wholesale grocery store in the capital.

In response to that incident, KPDNHEP said it was up to consumers whether they wanted to use the service or not, as it was an option. However, the ministry said a complaint can be made if they are not satisfied with the charges imposed.

Starting from the 1st July 2022, the ceiling price for chickens went up 50 sen/kg from 8.90, with eggs seeing a rise in price to up to 45 sen for Grade A eggs, 43 sen for Grade B eggs and 41 sen for Grade C eggs.

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