Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watch: Food vendor charges RM1 for extra gravy, sparks a huge debate online

Social NewsWatch: Food vendor charges RM1 for extra gravy, sparks a huge debate...

Rice taste better with curry kuah (curry sauce) as it would spice things up and increase one’s appetite.

With inflation hitting us hard, food vendors were forced to increase prices to cope with the current situation. However, this move has caused dissatisfaction among customers.

Recently, a food vendor took to TikTok to explain why customers who request extra gravy should be charged RM1.

Source: TikTok

In the video, a customer can be seen haggling with the food vendor over the extra RM1 she charged for the additional bag of gravy. The man then vented out his frustration despite the food vendor explaining that they would make a loss if it was given for free.

After a short argument, the food vendor offered to give the gravy away for free but the customer denied it.

“No, no…I don’t want anything free. I don’t like free things.” the man said.

According to the food vendor, this is the man’s second visit to her stall and similarly, he had also complained about the RM1 charge on extra gravy.

In the caption of the video, the food vendor poses a question to business owners to get a verdict over whether it was unreasonable to have the customer pay for the kuah.

“Does not kuah have to be charged? Is it nice to eat rice without it? Coconut milk needs to be used in making kuah. Do you think coconut milk is cheap?” she asked.

The post has since gone viral online with many netizens supporting the food vendor to charge an extra buck for the extra gravy, while others said they were never charged for the extra gravy.

“All my life I have been eating at a hawker stall and never encountered such an issue. I have been working at an eatery and never charge the customer for kuah.” a netizen said.

“I am also a merchant but I never charge for extra kuah as long as the customer is happy.” another netizen said.

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