Thursday, March 30, 2023

Angry badminton fans slam Petronas Malaysia Open 2022 organiser for reserving seats in free seating area for special group of spectators

Social NewsAngry badminton fans slam Petronas Malaysia Open 2022 organiser for reserving seats...

Disappointed badminton fans have taken to social media to criticise the Petronas Malaysia Open 2022 organiser for reserving the free seating area in the Axiata Arena for a certain group of spectators.

This came after netizens complained that those who had waited since 8 am were denied the opportunity to secure front seats on the 3rd day of the Petronas Malaysia Open 2022 and were forced to sit at the back instead.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the front seating area was reserved for a group of fans who bought the tickets under a popular Facebook badminton page called “叻哥频道 Channel 666“.

Following the backlashes, the organiser KH Worldwide took to Facebook to explain that sections 306 and 307 were pre-booked seating areas for the group.

KH Worldwide added that the arrangement was requested by the group to facilitate communication and for easy movement control.

“If this had caused any inconvenience to fans who had purchased tickets for the similar section, we humbly apologise and assure you that this will not be repeated.” the statement reads.


In response, the organiser also offered fans who were affected by the arrangement a goodie bag which could be redeemed at the redemption counter near the main entrance.

However, fans remained unhappy and slammed KH Worldwide for allowing the pre-booking arrangement to occur in the first place.

Meanwhile, the admin of the Facebook page has also responded to the complaints and started a Facebook live to hit back at those who criticise him.

“Don’t you see some who did not wear the same t-shirt also being at the front rows? Those who did not wear my T-shirt and wish to forcefully sit in the front rows, you can do it! No one will block you!” the admin said.

Nonetheless, the incident has also caught the attention of the Badminton Association Malaysia (BAM) and they responded on Twitter, saying that it viewed the matter very seriously and promised not to allow such booking issues to happen anymore.

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