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“Employers are never ready!” M’sians slams MEF for denying everything that benefits employees

Social News"Employers are never ready!" M'sians slams MEF for denying everything that benefits...

A recent survey conducted by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) has found that most employers in the country are not ready to implement 4-day work weeks, reported Berita Harian.

The survey was conducted in April 2021, found that 60% out of 170 companies without shift work and 78.6% out of 112 companies with shift work do not plan to practice shorter work weeks.

Apart from that, several of them agreed that they are unable to implement the policy following the reduction of working hours per week from 48 hours to 45 hours, in line with the amendment to the Employment Act 1955 which will come into effect on 1 September.

Meanwhile, only 20.4% of companies without shift work and 11.7% of companies with shift work stated the possibility of implementing 4-day work weeks.

Commenting on the matter, MEF president Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman said among the challenges faced by employers in implementing the policy included the issue of overtime, work schedules and customer needs, and different workforce factors.

“A total of 65% of companies are of the view that customer service may be affected if working hours of four days a week are implemented,”

“Companies also have to face the issue of production costs or bear high wages because they have to pay overtime wages,” he explained.

Source: Today Online

His remarks did not go well among netizens and many have taken to Twitter to express their opinion on the matter.

Some believed that it was unnecessary and suggested that the 4-day work week can be turned into working in the office for 4 days and working from home for a day.

On the other hand, many slammed MEF for not considering the needs of employees.

“With MEF, everything also they’ll say not ready. Want to raise employees’ wages to give them some dignity also not ready. Want to work from home during MCO also they said they are not ready. Everything also not ready,” a netizen said.

“As long as it benefits the employees, it is certain they will not support it,” another netizen said.

What do you think about the 4-day work week? Share your thoughts!

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