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“Littering is the common sense here!” M’sian YouTuber got shocked by the culture of a village in Sabah

Social News"Littering is the common sense here!" M'sian YouTuber got shocked by the...

For most of us, it is common sense that we throw rubbish into rubbish bins to maintain the cleanliness of the place. However, it appears that this common sense is not something all of us share.

Taking his shocking experience to Twitter, TV host and YouTuber, Hazeman Huzir shares that in someplace in Sabah, littering is common and part of the daily lives of the community.

In a thread, Hazeman said he and his team recently visited a village on the water in Sabah for charity purposes and they were shocked upon seeing the condition there, where rubbish was all over the river and in the sea.

He then said that the community there lacks the fundamental knowledge of cleanliness. “No, they know nothing about cleanliness. The littering issues among them are deep-rooted.”

Hazeman said that during their visit, they brought some snacks for the children and reminded them to not throw the snack’s packaging into the river. However, one child gave him a blur reaction.

“Oh, should I throw it into the shallow part of the river?” the child asked.

Hazeman then shared that during one of the nights when the children visited the mosque to attend a talk, they were asked to sing a religious song along but all of them kept quiet.

“No one has ever heard of the song as they were ‘disconnected’ from the media,” he explained.

He also mentioned meeting a 16-year-old teenager who cannot read nor count and that this is a common phenomenon there.

He added that literarily everybody in the village, regardless of their ages and generations, casually littering into the river.

Adding on the ‘deep-rooted’ issue that he pointed out, Hazeman said it was the lack of education.

“We can tell them not to litter into the river and they will ask why. But how do you explain to the entire village who don’t even know ABC and 123?”

Nonetheless, Hazeman noted that every social class has their level of education and there are always people who are better than us.

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