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Kuching is running out of RON95 petrol, motorists express concerns over fuel shortage

NewsKuching is running out of RON95 petrol, motorists express concerns over fuel...

Petrol stations in Kuching, Sarawak have run out of RON95 fuel since Monday (27 June), according to Utusan Borneo.

Its survey also discovered that the price of RON95 was still at RM2.05 per litre. However, the cause behind the shortage is yet to be ascertained.

Speaking to the daily, an employee at the petrol station said her workplace had been getting huge demand for RON95 since May.

Source: Utusan Borneo

“I suspect that the high demand for RON95 may stem from the fear (among consumers) of a sudden surge in the price of the petrol soon,” said the employee.

In another interview with passers-by, Felecity Jarau, 37, said she only realised that the stations were running out of RON95 when she wanted to refuel at a station near Jalan Song on her way home from work.

“The workers at a few stations that I visited had also informed me that the RON95 petrol was not available. According to them, there had been a shortage of petrol truck drivers, resulting in the fuel not being delivered to the stations.”

Meanwhile, Achi Pim, 34, said he was forced to refuel with the more expensive RON97 due to the non-availability of RON95. “I am not sure whether this is the truth or not.” he said.

“At first, I went to the stations at Jalan Central and Taman BDC, but both had run out of RON95.”

“RON97 costs about RM4 per litre, which is quite pricey. However, I am not panicking yet — unless there’s a real sudden surge in the price of petrol.”

Another interviewee, Ema Greek, 33, said she discovered the same problem when she made a stop at a fuel station along Jalan Tun Jugah here late Monday.

“Should this happen, though, I believe that the state government would step in to assist the public and also to cushion the impact from the high cost of living.”

“I did not panic, though; it’s a routine of mine to refuel once a week, before returning for work on Monday.”

“If indeed the price of RON95 has surged past RM4 per litre, this would cause living expenses to increase drastically, particularly for the B40 income group,” said Ema.

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