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Film Mat Kilau collects RM18 million from ticket sales in 5 days, but has yet to break even

Social NewsFilm Mat Kilau collects RM18 million from ticket sales in 5 days,...

The epic Malaysian historical movie Mat Kilau continues to shatter the nation’s box office records and it managed to rank in over RM12 million in just 4 days since it went on screens.

As of Tuesday (28 June), TGV Cinemas announced that Mat Kilau has collected RM18 million in gross since its release last Thursday (23 June), making it one of the highest-grossing local movies in its opening week. 

Meanwhile, according to local actor and singer, Mawi, the movie has a budget of RM8 million but they have yet to break even despite having collected RM18 million from ticket sales.

“The movie needs to gross about RM20 million during its first week of release to break even.” he was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

Mawi then explained that the money they’ve collected from the sales has to be used to pay off their partners and authorities before it goes to them.

Among them are entertainment tax and the fee-sharing between theatres and producers of the movie.

Source: Cinema Online

Just like any other local movies, the government has imposed a 25% entertainment tax on ticket sales. For example, if the movie grosses RM1 million, then an amount of RM250,000 has to be paid to the government.

After paying for the entertainment tax, the money also will be split as it is a deal made between the theatres and producers of the movie. 

“After paying 25% of the taxes, we’ll have to pay another 50% of the money gained from the movie tickets to theatres,” he said, adding that the theaters will take more than 50% of what the movie makes on the following week.

The splitting will then take place until the movie is taken down from the movie schedule.

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