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“Why is KKM sharing propaganda?” M’sians chides KKM for promoting PM Ismail’s subsidy initiatives

Social News"Why is KKM sharing propaganda?" M'sians chides KKM for promoting PM Ismail's...

Since the beginning of the year, the government has launched a series of initiatives to help Malaysians get through the rising cost of living.

According to Finance Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz, the government will be spending a total of RM80 billion in subsidies alone this year, making it the largest in Malaysia’s history.

While all these initiatives are financial-related, nobody expected the Ministry of Health (KKM) to pen a Facebook post to express gratitude to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri for alleviating the people’s financial difficulties.


In the post, KKM debunked claims that the government does not have the people’s interest at heart, such as removing subsidies and ceiling prices for essential goods such as chicken and cooking oil.

“Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob recently announced subsidies for chicken, cooking oil and a subsidy of RM100 as well as maintaining electricity tariffs.”

“The government is always aware of current needs and will continue to be committed in ensuring the wellbeing of the Malaysian Family.” the post reads.

Source: Facebook

Towards the end of its photo collage, KKM even included a poem that praises Sabri for his efforts in addressing issues such as stopping the increase in fuel, electricity and water prices, providing cash aid for flood victims, and securing coal supplies from Indonesia.

It did not take a long time for the post to go viral online but most of the comments netizens left were criticisms about how KKM was exaggerating the prime minister’s efforts instead of focusing on health issues plaguing Malaysians.

“KKM, post about health issues. No need to spread propaganda about a political party.” a netizen commented.

“This is propaganda for the General Elections.” another netizen said.

Some netizens also reprimanded KKM for being involved in politics when they should not.

“Please talk about health-related matters only. Don’t deviate from your original function and goal. This is a political agenda and unsuitable.” a netizen said.

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