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Penang Council chops down 11 trees along Jalan Teluk Kumbar after coconut incident

Social NewsPenang Council chops down 11 trees along Jalan Teluk Kumbar after coconut...

On Monday (27 June), a pillion motorcycle rider and his passenger were hurt after coconut had fallen from a tree and landed directly on their head while riding along a busy road.

The video of the viral incident was posted on the Penang Kini Facebook page and they shared that the freak accident took place in Teluk Kumbar, Penang.

In the video, it showed the duo can ride on a motorbike when a coconut was seen falling off the tree out of nowhere before it landed right on the woman’s head.

Source: Facebook

The impact of the coconut on her head was so huge that her helmet came off entirely, losing control of herself and eventually fell off the motorcycle.

Realising that something was not right, the man quickly stopped his motorbike and checked on the woman, who was conscious but dazed by the incident.

Cutting down trees that poses road hazards

Following the incident, the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) is now cutting down trees that pose potential threats to road users. 

According to a report by Sinar Harian, 11 coconut trees along Jalan Teluk Kumbar, Penang, have since been cut down. 

Bayan Lepas State Assemblyman Azrul Mahathir Aziz said that the move was taken after a falling coconut severely injured the pillion rider. 

“I have conducted a survey with MBPP representatives to identify trees that endanger road users, especially on the side of the road to be cut down.”

Source: Sinar Harian

“As a safety measure and not wanting the same incident to happen again, we decided to cut down coconut trees by the side of the road, which is said to be a risk to road users,” he said. 

Meanwhile, according to a follow-up post by Penang Kini, the victim sustained rather serious injuries, including a broken right shoulder, a broken left arm, and broken ribs.

She is still being monitored at a hospital in Penang, but thankfully, she has regained consciousness. 

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