Thursday, March 30, 2023

Diner found fishing hook in her ‘curry fish head’, restaurant apologiese and offer 60 sen discount

Social NewsDiner found fishing hook in her 'curry fish head', restaurant apologiese and...

We normally find bones or sometimes scales when we are eating fish but this woman in KL found something even more bizarre while having her meal.

Taking it to Facebook, the netizen shared that her father was almost in life danger after he found a giant fishing hook in his curry fish head!

She then immediately brought this matter to the restaurant’s waiter but they claimed that it was the kitchen’s fault for being negligent when preparing the dish.

Source: Facebook

Later when she was paying the bill, the restaurant manager refused to take any responsibility and he said it was a blunder from the supplier’s side. 

“Sorry, but it’s the supplier’s fault.” the manager said.

However, the manager apologise to the family over the matter and eventually gave them a discount of 60 sen off their total bill of RM298.60.

Source: Facebook

The netizen was totally disappointed with how the restaurant handled the discovery of a fishing hook in their meal.

“It was the kitchen’s fault at first, and then it became the supplier’s fault. My dad did not bite on the fishing hook, but what if it was served to others?” she asked.

In the comment section, netizens criticised the restaurant manager for pushing the responsibility to its suppliers as they are the one who should be ensuring food served to the customers are safe to consume.

One netizen even suggested to lodge a complaint to the Health Ministry (KKM) for being negligent when preparing food.

We cannot imagine the pain they would’ve endured if any of them had bitten on the fishing hook, but fortunately, nobody was hurt from this incident.

Despite the apology and the 60 sen discount off the total bill, do you think this is enough to compensate for the bad dining experience?


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