Wednesday, March 22, 2023

“2 Burger Ayam Special costs RM23!” Roadside burger price sparks a huge debate online

Social News"2 Burger Ayam Special costs RM23!" Roadside burger price sparks a huge...

What’s a better fix than having a burger for supper? However, it is safe to say that we, Malaysians would prefer the roadside burger as they are much better than those we can get from fast-food restaurants.

In addition, you’ll get to customise your burger at an affordable price.

However, it appears that purchasing burgers from roadside stalls is no longer cheap. Taking it to Facebook, a user shared that she recently bought 2 Burger Ayam Special from a stall behind one of the Maybank branches in Kepong and it costs her a whooping RM23!


She added that she “triple-confirmed” with the vendor when paying for the burgers and they told her this is the price for Burger Ayam Special.

Her post on the expensive burgers went viral on social media with many Malaysians giving two cents on the price, as well as comparing them to other burgers at their respective locales.

Source: Facebook

Many expressed surprise at the price of the burgers and one even said McDonald’s is selling cheaper burgers.

“This is not a special burger, this is a special price!” a netizen said.

“Double special costs me only RM7.50. An extra RM1 for an additional cheese slice.” another netizen said.

A netizen also said it is impossible to find a burger that costs only RM2.50 these days. 

Meanwhile, some netizens who recognise the brand and pointed out that the brand – Otai, is known for its high price.

Despite the burger being tasty and well-known, would you spend RM23 for 2 burgers from the roadside stall? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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