Thursday, March 30, 2023

“RM50 won’t fill your trolley!” M’sians mocked Najib as cooking oil alone now costs RM50

Social News"RM50 won't fill your trolley!" M'sians mocked Najib as cooking oil alone...

Inflation has hit Malaysians hard this year and the cost of living has been spiralling upwards. Naturally, politicians would take this opportunity to blame the existing government for the price increase.

Recently, one Facebook post by former Prime Minister Najib Razak has resurfaced on social media with many Malaysians expressing their frustration on the current situation.

The post was made in 2019 as he criticised the then Pakatan Harapan government for failing to control the increase in the cost of living and gave an example where RM50 is not enough to fill up a trolley during its rule as the federal government.


“Guys, I can confirm. With RM50, your trolley can’t be filled. So, what to do? What should we do with PH?” he wrote.

Along with the post, he also included a photo of a trolley which had instant noodles, a small bottle of oil, a packet of rice, canned food and sauces inside.

Making relevance to that particular post, Twitter user @kuhaslinda_a1 slammed Najib and claimed that the prices of goods have further increased under the current Barisan Nasional (BN) rule, where a 5kg Neptune cooking oil costs as much as RM50.70!

This came after the government announced to remove subsidy for bottled pure cooking oil.

The tweet has since sparked a huge discussion among netizens, who expressed disappointment over the government’s failure to address inflation.

“Be it PH, PN, or BN, none of them are good. Don’t believe what politicians feed you.” one netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, some were puzzled by the expensive cooking oil prices even though Malaysia’s the biggest international exporter of palm oil.

One netizen also made a timeline that shows how the value of RM50 had shrunk in recent years too.

Nonetheless, it appears that the worst had yet to come with global tensions rising and more countries adopting a protectionism policy.

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