Thursday, March 30, 2023

“Cinema is haram in Kelantan but not in KL?” Activist slams PAS Youth Chief for practicing double standards

Social News"Cinema is haram in Kelantan but not in KL?" Activist slams PAS...

Going to a movie during the weekends is a great way to relax, but there’s a state in the country that remains cinema-less for over 30 years after the state government declared it haram (forbidden).

Recently, activist Khalid Mohd Ismath was given a task to bring PAS Youth Chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari for a movie at the cinema but he wasn’t really pleased with that and has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts.

“When the people asked to build a cinema in Kelantan, PAS said it was haram (forbidden) but PAS clerics went to see movies in KL and it’s not haram,” said Khalid.

Along with the tweet, he also also shared a picture of Ahmad Fadhli speaking to presumably media personnel in a cinema’s hallway.

In 1990, PAS barred cinemas in Kelantan after it took over the administration of the state from Barisan Nasional (BN) in 1990 with the reason that cinemas allow room for social ills.

The last operating cinema in the east coast state was the Lido Cinema in Jalan Pos Office Lama, Kota Baru.

In the past, Ahmad Fadhli had also defended the Kelantan state government’s stand on not having movie theatres in the state, saying that reintroducing cinemas may disrupt Kelantan’s status quo as a state governed in line with Islamic principles.

“Actually, there are many conditions which must be adhered to including not creating a romantic mood amongst the audience. It is better not to have cinemas.”

“However, the state government must think of other alternatives including organising free public screenings,” Ahmad Fadhli was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) chairperson also came under criticism after pictures of him watching a movie at the cinema went viral on social media.

However, Selangor PAS Youth had defended Ahmad Fadhli, saying that the party’s youth chief was invited to attend the screening of a new local film which can only be viewed at the cinema at this point in time.

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