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Durian seller gives away free durians to pregnant women to honour promise to his mother

Social NewsDurian seller gives away free durians to pregnant women to honour promise...

It is the durian season and one particular durian stall is giving away free durians to pregnant women without conditions or proof of pregnancy!

Speaking to NST, Rizky Durian stall owner, Rizki Adri Andri Zainintawa said he did it to keep his promise to his mother who encouraged him to share the King of Fruits.

“She told me to be kind to others when I am successful. It is my way of honouring my word and giving back to society.” he said.

Rizki is the owner of three stalls in Taman Medan, Gombak and Kota Damansara.


Rizki then shared that about 3 years ago, he encountered a pregnant woman on a motorcycle with her family in Taman Medan, and she was craving for durian. Unfortunately, she did not have enough money to buy the fruit.

“She was craving durian but could not afford it. I called her over and asked if she wanted some of the fruit, to which she said yes.”

“I was moved and gave her a durian for free. I have been doing this for expectant mothers ever since, whenever the durian season arrives,” he told NST.

Source: Facebook

Rizki then said that he understands the food cravings of pregnant women, as his wife is currently pregnant with their second child.

Meanwhile, he said that there are no conditions for pregnant mothers to claim a free durian and they are even free to pick the IOI Hajah Hasmah or Udang Merah varieties.

He added this is not limited to only durians, but at his Kota Damansara stall, he would even provide free durian cendol for pregnant mothers!

“All they need to do is tell my staff, ‘I am pregnant’. No questions asked. They can get a durian for free a day and come again the next or subsequent days, too.” he said.

He added that he has plenty of durians and he will not be at a loss with the giveaway.

“It is worth it. I believe in giving as sincerely as I can, and nothing should hold me back,” he said.

Rizki has been in business for over a decade and sources his supply of up to 9 tonnes of durian, such as Musang King, D24, IOI Hajah Hasmah and Udang Merah, from farms in Pahang and Johor.

“For as long as I can, I will continue with this effort,” he said.

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