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Angry M’sian slams National Telco for quoting him RM23k to install UniFi in his area

Despite the government’s effort to resolve the Internet coverage issue in the country, there are still some places where there is no Internet connectivity, especially in the rural areas.

Recently, a netizen has taken to Reddit to pan the national telco Telekom Malaysia (TM) for their response to a complaint he lodged about Internet coverage.

In the post, he said that he had filed a complaint to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as he was unable to use UniFi at his address.

To his surprise, TM replied by saying that the total cost for installing the infrastructure in his premise would cost him RM23,312, and suggesting that he would have pay this amount just to get UniFi’s service.

Source: Liveatpc

“Upon checking, we regret to inform you that UniFi service is currently unavailable at the requested address. As per our tele-conversation with officer, total cost for UniFi infra provisioning to your premise is RM23,312,” the e-mail reads.

This has then caused him to be annoyed and he sarcastically thanked TM for its top-notch service.

“Our national telco, TM, asked me to fork out RM23,312 to build an infrastructure in order to use UniFi, because the area is out of their plan. Well done!”

In the comment section, a heated debate was started as to whether TM should bear the costs of installing the infrastructure.

Some netizens pointed out the fact that TM is still a profit-minded private company and they will look for opportunities to squeeze profits out of its customers in any way.

“Because it doesn’t make business sense for them to build that connection, so you’ll either have to wait or fork out the cost if you need that connection now. National telco still a profit-minded private company.” commented a netizen.

Meanwhile, others say that’s how it works with Internet service providers.

“If there’s availability, you just pay the subscription. If there’s no availability, you wait until they have it. If you can’t wait, then you can pay for the availability. You pay to get service. Don’t pay no service.” said a netizen.

They also advised him to be patient for UniFi to be available in his area and stop acting all entitled.

On the other hand, some suggested that the netizen reach out to their MPs to get this problem fixed.

“Just meet your local politician. Tell him fix it or u lose my vote.” a netizen said.

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