Thursday, March 30, 2023

School in Petaling ordered to close after detection of Influenza-like illness cluster

NewsSchool in Petaling ordered to close after detection of Influenza-like illness cluster

A secondary school in  Subang Jaya, Selangor has been ordered to close by the Petaling district health office following the detection of an influenza-like-illness (ILI) cluster there.

Affording to Bernama, state health director Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman said the hostel had been temporarily closed for sanitisation to be carried out.

He added that the hostel will only reopen after the Petaling district health office has carried out its risk assessment to ensure the safety of the students.

Source: FMT

Dr Sha’ari said the cluster was detected when the district health office was notified that 110 students were down with fever, cough, flu and sore throat.

“The case first experienced symptoms of respiratory tract infections on 14 June,” he said.

As of Thursday (23 June), the number of students showing such symptoms had increased to 191, an infection rate of 32.5%. Of the total, 5 were confirmed positive for Influenza A, while 13 other samples were awaiting results.

“One patient is in hospital for observation and is in stable condition. The results of Covid-19 tests conducted on 30 symptomatic students all came back negative,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Sha’ari said an ILI cluster affecting more than 200 students had also been detected at a fully residential school in Gombak district.

Nonetheless, he said the ILI situation in the state was under control but the infection rates at education institutions, especially boarding schools, had shown a slight increase over the past two weeks.

“Among the factors that contributed to the increase are the lack of gate-keeping screening at schools, an increase in group activities, physical contact among students and poor personal hygiene,” he said.

Meanwhile, he called on the public, including administrators of educational institutions and care centres, to always practise proper hygiene.

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