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Residents of Amber Court are protesting against ‘haunted’ rumours, condemns vloggers for spreading rumours to gain popularity

Social NewsResidents of Amber Court are protesting against ‘haunted’ rumours, condemns vloggers for...

The Amber Court Apartment in Genting Highlands has been the subject of an infamous Malaysian urban legend, where haunted stories are based on this building.

Amber Court was originally developed to be a hotel strategically near a theme park but the construction of the theme park was abandoned, leading the development of the hotel to stall, and the building fell into disrepair.

Since then, Amber Court began to develop an infamous reputation for being haunted due to its eerie exterior coated with red algae, parking lots filled with old rusting cars, and the nearby abandoned construction site.

Following that rumours of sightings of an apparition resembling a woman wandering the premises, sometimes making disembodied voices has spread as urban legend amongst Malaysians.

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The ‘haunted’ reputation was further solidified when vloggers began to document their stay at the premises and a local film titled Haunted Hotel was filmed there.

In 2019, Amber Court was turned into a residential apartment complex and parts of the building were refurbished in efforts to dispel the urban legend. The exterior of the building has been repainted and abandoned cars in the parking lots have been removed.

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Meanwhile, an Insider reporter, who stayed in a rented apartment room of the building this year, share that she did not find anything unusual with Amber Court, apart from the remnants of disrepair of the building and the poor state of her room.

“Despite its haunted reputation, I found no ghosts during my stay. Instead, I found respite from the bustle of the city and the heat of the tropics,” she said.

Apparently, the residents of Amber Court have also had enough of the rumours and are now protesting against the vloggers and conmen who claim the building is haunted.

According to The Star, Amber Court Management Corporation chairman Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai said more than 100 residents gathered outside the apartment for a protest on Saturday (18 June).

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“Their allegations are baseless. None of us has ever seen a ghost let alone been disturbed by supernatural activity at the apartment,” said Chai.

“I believe these people making videos are just doing it to make themselves popular or they have a hidden agenda.” he added.

He also said that the rumours have only caused more people to come to the apartment to try and catch supernatural activity on video, as well as brought down the value of the apartment.

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