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Rafidah Aziz: Govt ministers should take a 20% pay cut when country is in difficult times

NewsRafidah Aziz: Govt ministers should take a 20% pay cut when country...

Well, it’s no secret that Ministers in the country are earning at least 5 figures in a month, which is a lot more than what an average Malaysian earns.

Recently, former Minister of International Trade and Industry, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has called out to the government to reduce the ministers’ pay and allowances by as much as 20%!

“During our time, the action to cut the salary (allowance) of the minister was the earliest move implemented when a crisis hit the country.” she was quoted as saying by Sinar Daily.

Source: The Star

She added that the government should prioritise the move to show empathy towards the people of this country as they were struggling to face the challenges of the worsening economic crisis, starting with the Covid-19 pandemic followed by the implications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Rafidah also said that if an empathetic decision such as the initiative to cut ministers’ allowances was enforced immediately, the people would feel that government leaders understood their plights and were willing to experience the people’s difficulties in the face of the ‘overlapping’ economic crisis.

Source: Malay Mail

She then said, “What’s a 20% cut if the minister earns RM69,000 monthly?”

“It shows that the government is realistic and willing to make sacrifices. Although the sacrificial initiative does not have a direct impact on the people, at least there is empathy shown to them,” she said.

Apart from that, Rafidah also criticised the government-linked companies (GLCs) that allegedly proposed an increase in the annual allowance rate for the chairman and board members at a time when the people are facing difficulties in earning a living.

“People are having a hard time, GLC wants to propose an increase in the chairman’s salary? As the Chairman of AirAsiaX, I also had to abide by the annual allowance cut of up to 20%.”

“The action of the company’s top management to increase their salaries (allowances) shows as if they have no empathy for the people.” she said.

Times are really tough now as prices of almost every necessity have increased significantly. While some of us can still afford to put a lavish meal on the table, not everybody has the luxury to do so.

Do you agree with what Tan Sri Rafidah has suggested? Share your thoughts!

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