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Puchong dim sum restaurant imposes 40-minute time limit for customers dining in, sparks a huge debate

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Dim sum is a local delicacy that many enjoyed. Apart from the food, what we truly enjoy is the atmosphere at the dim sum restaurant, as we munch on some dim sum and chat with our friends and family, while sipping a nice cup of tea.

Recently, a dim sum restaurant in Puchong, Selangor has come under fire for setting a time limit of 40 minutes for its customers to enjoy their dim sum. An angry customer also took to Facebook to share his thoughts about it. 

“I can’t say anything about the way the owner of F- X- Dim Sum restaurant runs their business, but as a customer, I’m sorry, I’m really unhappy. If yum cha has to be in a hurry, then why is it called yum cha?” the man said.

“I had just put down my chopsticks when the staff politely asked if they could clear the table before I finished my tea.”

Source: Eatigo

He then shared that eating dim sum is not for a short while, adding that he had only started eating at 7.15 am and finished at 7.45 am.

“Boss, eating dim sum is not a low-budget meal.” he added.

Meanwhile, he also said that he has no no malicious intentions in the Facebook post and he only wanted dim sum restaurants to become an attraction in Selangor and wish they would accept customer feedback.

Source: Facebook

Despite that, the man’s post has garnered netizens’ attention and a heated discussion was started on the matter. Some felt that the time limit was unnecessary and the policy made the meal unpleasant.

“This has become a fast food meal,” commented a netizen.

“40 minutes is a bit too short. They should take into consideration families with kids as it would be hard for them to eat fast,” another netizen said.

On the other hand, some say the time limit is reasonable as it ensures customers outside don’t have to wait long for a table.

Source: Facebook

“The 40-minute dine-in limit at a dim sum place is not a ridiculous demand. Let’s be honest, if you are waiting outside the restaurant, you would wish the diners could finish their meal as soon as possible and not chat for one to two hours,” one netizen contended.

“If dining at the dim sum restaurant is so unpleasant, why are so many people still going there? If you want to chit-chat over tea, go to a second location. Being stared at while eating dim sum and being surrounded by staff feels like an experience where one is begging for food,” another netizen said.

Nonetheless, the post from the angry customer has since been removed from the group. In addition, the owner of the shop apparently listened to their customers and has updated the notice and it now says, “Dine-in Time, No Limit”.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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